Getting Ready to Clean Your Ass
Preparing to Clean your ass.
Cleaning your Ass.
Enjoying your Ass
Cleaning your Ass.
Your personal party before the party!
The S-BEND in your ass!
You probably don't realize this, but your ass tube isn't a straight line that looks like a airplane landing strip! It's actually more like a winding canyon with a sharp turn and resevoir at the end.

This makes it harder to both find and clear the poop from your ass, especially when you're sitting on the john!

It's easy to clean out the little reservoir at the end, but what you really need to get rid of just a bit up the pipe. It's the hidden poop that will apear out of nowhere!

Sounds a bit confusing, but just check out this image to see the S-Bend up there.

Just knowing this will help you guide things deeper into your ass with more comfort! Yahoo!
The SQUAT: Yours to love!
Did you read that stuff to the left? It's because of the S-Bend your going to love The Squat.

When you're in a squatting position, your innards are much more lined up to clear out the crap in there. Everything just lines up better to come out. To see all the details on why squatting is so great check out this page on it!

TIP: You'll find that it's easier for both checking things out beforehand, and emptying any lingering water after cleaning if you're in a squatting position, rather than sitting on the toilet.

Did I mention it's a great position to more easily take things up your ass as in well?

How to Clean Your Ass!
Easiest Anal Cleaning system around! Does all jobs - Big and Small!
Take it along anywhere that you need a clean ass to put things into!
For some serious ass cleaning initiatives when nothing but the best will do for your bottom!
Before sticking ANYTHING in your ass, you should get to know it inside and out! Nothing will easily go in there against its will. You need to relax, coax, sooth and pleasure it first. Make sure you're alone for hour and have turned off the phone!

You might be surprised that your ass has both an inner and outer sphincters. The outer one makes the butt pucker that you can see, and then there is one inside, which you can feel a short ways up with a well lubricated finger. Before cleaning with anything, you are going to have to relax both these sets of muscles.

The best way to do this is to gently rub and push into your hole with a well lubricated finger or a really small smooth dildo. You want to slightly push out with your ass like you were taking a dump to help open up the sphincters.

Once you are able to insert your finger or toy, gently work it in and out until your ass is not upset with the visiting object. Give it lots of lube and take your time! If you had some fun, then you're probably
ready to give it a good cleaning now!
The question is always how will you clean out your ass... today! Just like getting your house ready for guests, sometimes there's more or less work involved depending on the state of things! What you ate over the past few days can have a huge impact.

Since you should always take a dump about an hour prior to cleaning your ass, there are two kinds of shits that you will
LOVE to have prior to anal exploration. After those two types of poo, the rest are all the same and need to be cleaned out!

The first is the "Teflon Shit" that you can feel slide out of you in a big long piece. It's well formed at both ends in the bowl, which means that very little was left behind. You will love these because it means there is almost no cleaning needed!

The second are the
"Rabbit Pellet Shits" which are solid round balls either clumped together, or falling separately out of your ass. You love these because even if they are still in you, they are the cleanest shits around!